Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tinctures are extracts that are made from soaking decarbed cannabis flower in a solvent, in this case, high proof alcohol. The alcohol will pull the active compounds out of the flower and concentrate them. Tinctures can be used in food + beverage recipes, or can simply be taken by dropping some under the tongue (you will want to evaporate off the alcohol if you plan to use it this way!) My personal favorite way to use this cannabis tincture is to make cannabis sugar. However you choose, cannabis tinctures are a great way to receive the benefits of cannabis without smoking! 

  • The first step in making a cannabis tincture is to decarboxylate your cannabis flower.
  • In this recipe I used 14g of cannabis flower to 8 ounces of Everclear. You can adjust this up or down as desired! 
  • Once you have decarbed your flower, place it in a pint sized mason jar. Next, pour the Everclear over your flower.
  • Seal and store your jar in the freezer to soak. Now, there are many varying opinions on how long to soak your tincture, none of them are wrong. You can go anywhere from 24 hours all the way up to several months. The longer it soaks, the (slightly) stronger the tincture will be. I usually go with around 1 week with good results.  
  • After soaking, strain through cheesecloth lined sieve into a clean mason jar. Discard plant matter. Your tincture is ready!

If you plan to consume this under the tongue or sublingually, you’ll want to next evaporate the alcohol. The safest and easiest way to do this is to just let it sit out without a cover, the alcohol will naturally evaporate on its own with time. Store your tincture in dark bottle! 

Note: Potency will be unique to each individuals flower, amount of flower, exc. I recommend using Veri-Heal’s dosage calculator to make it easy. 


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